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the merchandise frog and other tales

I sang a song when I was little, about the merchandise frog. Neither I nor my parents know where it came from, but I had quite a few words, long forgotten, and a little march to go along with it. I sang it loud and often. I believe there are no coincidences; none. Everything happens for a reason. That's why I try to smile at everyone.

List 20 rules you've broken;

02. i don't play girl games.
06. i don't care what people think about me unless i care about the people that think about me.
10. i skipped classes. to go read in the library. ;)
13. i speak my mind most of the time. i don't care if i'm in a room full of propaganda fed people who don't know the mideast from the midwest, yoga from yoghurt, Arabs from Mexicans, Asian from Oriental or race from genetics, i tell them what i think.
20. i still think like a kid. =) i make a point of it.

List the ways you are just a little bit crazy;

I admit it when I see things. I listen to the voices. Sometimes they are on to something.
I think about being a tree. Realllllly think about it.
I dream in colour when it suits me. And I tell my dreams like they are good old stories about me. "Remember that time I had lunch with the polar bear?"

List 5 words you love;

silhouette drapes a thing silverish material over something, anything, light and filmy
kitab (arabic, book) though not exactly rectangularly shaped, this word is thick, concise and the edges line up just like a book
esperanza (spanish, hope) shimmers like a cloud of sunshine in the air. what better description of hope?
kaixo (basque, hello) pronounced ky-zho, this just sounds like a perfect greeting.
i like russian words too. just because they are russian.

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