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Things about me that you never realised you never wanted to know. My "Almost 100 Things".

odi et amo.
I hate and love, and if you ask me why,
I have no answer, but I discern, can feel my senses
rooted in eternal torture.

txilar as a name gives you a very independent nature, yet you are friendly (sort of, more aloof really) approachable (I like to think I am, but, see previous) and generous (oh definitely. Probably too much for my own good). You can be a spontaneous, expressive, and talkative person. Generally you are good-natured (eh, some might argue that), though at times you can be rather blunt and sarcastic. This name incorporates creative, artistic, and musical abilities, and there would be an element of originality in all that you do. You like to do things on the spur of the moment without planning or prior arrangements. Your spirits are buoyed up greatly by encouragement and appreciation. There is a tendency to be scattering in your efforts and you prefer to avoid menial jobs of a routine and repetitive nature. You are inclined to pursue good times and emotional indulgences to excess. Weaknesses in health due to the influence of this name centre in the head. You could experience headaches, or difficulties with your teeth, ears, eyes, or sinuses. Disorders related to the liver, which would be aggravated by rich foods, could also arise.

1. I'm sort of a technical writer/editor. (I say sort of because it isn't my title, but it's what I do. I like it.)

2. I'm a migraineur.

3. I live in the south, though I'd love to end up somewhere with a significantly lower humidity level and fewer south-eastern winds.

4. I'm biased. My bias is simple and concentrated: I don't like stupid people. And I mean practiced stupidity. I just refuse to tolerate it.

5. I have vast and disparate interests, suffice to say I cannot list them all here. I like lots of things.

6. I'm quiet, online and off.

7. I'm an introvert.

8. I'd love to live in Morocco.

9. I have two cats, Pippin (aka Pickles) and Maddie (Eloise), also known as Pickwick and Madcat or Pick and Mad.

10. I'm rather short. I have red hair.

11. I was born on a military base.

12. I like to travel and live out of a suitcase. But only with a passport. I loathe Florida.

13. I write a bit.

14. I listen to music, constantly. I might mention this a lot. I listen to it nearly constantly.

15. I like pasta.

16. I drive a Nissan 300ZX named Sirius Black (loves Remus) and a blue Mazda RX-7 named Weasley. Really. I know it's childish. Better than 'Betsey' my stupid old Citation that tried to kill me every time it rained. I think she was a Death Eater. Or wanted to be.

17. I try to use the word 'pejorative' a lot.

18. I have to get my passport renewed.

19. People disappoint me, but they surprise and charm me and that irritates me.

20. I'm a perfume addict with a sensitive nose.

21. I eat one thing at a time on my plate even when I try not to. I don't like foods to touch. Most. Like bread is universal, it can touch most anything (unless it will make the bread soggy yeah? Nothing worse than soggy bread.) But mixing food, ugh, disgusting. I hate it.

22. My handwriting analysis says some weird stuff.

23. I have a chocolate deficiency that is not to be taken lightly.

24. I have hated passive voice.

25. I listen to lots of music: punk, acid jazz and reggae and French music, Arabic music, any Jazz fusion, spooky music that isn't really music. I like anything that makes me glance over my shoulders and wary of dark corners. I don't like country. I don't like pop. Im not partial to R&B, but it has its moments. I don't like most opera sung in English. Other than that, I listen to almost anything.

26. I'm an Aquarius. I pour water but no one listens.

27. I am a synaesthete.

28. I'm a tea addict. I like Oolong, Earl Grey and Mint. And every other kind of tea, too.

29. My home planet is Saturn. 30. I am either an INTJ or an INTP. It depends on the day. (If you believe that sort of thing.)

31. I'm a flower, my hands are hennaed, my hair is tangled with leaves.

32. I forgot this one.

33. I have a wishlist at amazon!

34. I love Tennysons's poetry. But he is no

35. Eh.

36. I despise vacuum cleaners and people laugh when I run from them. >_< They make horrible noise!.

37. I like studying ancient cultures.

38. I have a bit of a language fetish. 39. I find the tuareg and their desert lives fascinating.

40. I read. a lot. constantly in fact.

41. I do henna a lot.

42. I have a weakness for sari's.

43. I photograph. a lot.

44. I do yoga. Not as much as I should.

45. I love Shakespeare.

46. I love the stars.

47. I *love* the Simpsons.

48. I read Mugen no Jyunin, Blade of the Immortal.

49. I read the boondocks. I'm not so sure about the cartoon. Huey's great.

50. I like making things. All kinds of things.

51. I like daydreaming on paper! =)

52. I like rambling about what I like. Obviously.

53. I think Natacha Atlas has the most beautiful voice ever.

54. I like languages, strange foreign texts and scripts that look like a childs secret language and in some strange sense, really is. Hieroglyphs. Mayan. Sumerian. Phoenician. Berber. Things carved in stone.

55. Words fascinate me.

56. I have an obsession with paper.

57. I like paper and pens. I really like paper and pens.

58. I like books too, love them, cannot get enough. Have too many. favourite author is Charles DeLint.

59. The Djinn (Genie) gives me three wishes. For what do I ask? Complete fluency in the world's languages, past, dead, living and forming. Once that wish is completed, I'll set free the djinn. (Hint, this isn't my first wish, so it's only #2.) As it is, I toy around with studying a few:
Nubian ~ Nubia

60. I bellydance and I think Aziza Said is great.

61. I like holidays. I like their history.

62. Symbols are fun.

63. My namesake is Het Heru Egyptian Mistress of Beauty, Love, and Motherhood and the Arts.

64. I despise Arial and Times Roman.

65. I frequent fonts.

66. I support the palestinian cause.

67. I have neopets! I think they have all died... >_>

68. Did I mention I'm a synesthete? I'm still learning all my syns, but I have coloured numbers and letters, shaped sounds, shaped touch/sensation (like pain has a sort of... shape to it.) Certain things cross taste/sense/shape/colour in ways I can barely describe to people who aren't synaesthetic. I mean, if you are, even if yours senses aren't the same, you kind of understand the underlying concept, that for example, even though your 2 might be a crocodile shaped man smelling of gardenias and radiating the colour burgundy, you can understand where I'm coming from when I say that no, my 2 is bright yellow and more like bananas, but sometimes dull and sometimes sharp and rather nebulous and round with a soft center that is something you can pass your hand through but not sticky or wet or gaseous. And its completely genderless. Most things have gender for me, conscious of it or not. I don't know if this is influenced by speaking another language at an early age, but gendered language seems natural to me, even when I find the gender doesn't agree with my concept--again, it's the idea.

69. I think there are things in the oceans we'd best not disturb.

70. My favourite number is seven. 7. 7 is indigo and smells like... well I can't describe it. It's a vaguely burning smell, like incense and piney and piqon-y, but also watery, like patchouli and vaguely sweet like vanilla but not so heavy. There's a sense of grass and running and green, but it's very very faint, mostly clouds and ions and a hint of rain and storms. Next is 8 and she is purple and smells of ROSES. Thousands of roses.

71. I want to go to Mongolia.

72. I'm addicted to tigerbalm. I like to inhale it and am waiting for the day I can be rubbed head to toe, HEAD TO TOE, in the stuff. Oh god the idea just drives me delirious.

73. Who are you and why are you here? I know mine, it's to restore Egypt to pharoahonic glory. I'm a modern Hatshepsut. I just don't yet know how to get the crown, enact a coup that will overthrow the current pretender to my throne, and I'm not sure how I'll look in Pharoah gear. The beard kind of throws me. But I think I can do it. I'll need help getting rid of insurgents, terrorists and that bad lot, but I think I can do that too. I have no pity for those who wish not to back me and Egypt. They will be sent to salt mines on the Libyan border.

74. I love Welch's grape juice.

75. We haven't thought this far ahead yet in this egoist journey, thank you.

76. I write fanction! Dirty fanfiction. Not for the faint (or feint!) of heart.

She rose among us where we lay.
She wept, we put our work away
She chilled our laughter, stilled our play;
And spread a silence there.
And darkness shot across the sky, and once, and twice, we heard her cry;
And saw her lift white hands on high And toss her troubled hair.
-Conrad Aiken

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