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places to go, things to do, people to admire: links;

Now that you are all done and no doubt ready to do more, here are some great links:

:::Making Books Projects
These projects are aimed at children, but fun for a quick inspirational project. Try to do one and have a theme about childhood; yours, your childrens, relatives or just a child's perspective.

:::Creative Journal
This site is an inspiring site for journaling itself, which you have to have something to fill up your books!

:::International Dunhuang Project Bookbinding
The International Dunhuang Project shows some fabulous old Chinese bookbinding methods, some of which are still used even to this day! Read the site for great bookbinding history, then try making some of your own. Got an Asian themed room? These books would make a perfect home decor project. Stamps and paintbrushes add quick Asian flavour.

:::Bookmaking Links
A series of links to bookmaking; some are simply inspiring, some have directions.

:::Yasutomo Paper Projects Folded Book
This site has a lot of cool projects. This project is to make a folded book that is really unique looking. This would be great with origami paper since the folds would contrast the printed side with the blank side. I think it would be cool just as a blank book.

:::Yasutomo Paper Projects Folded Book Cover
This project makes a cover for, I think, the folded book above. You might have to play around with the measurements just to make sure.

:::Yasutomo Paper Projects Fan Book
This project creates a nifty little folded fan booklet that looks great, as the site says, hanging on the wall.

:::Templates By Donovan
I was just introduced to this site and have barely gotten a chance to dive into its great templates. Definietly a good weekend site for projects!

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